2 for 1: OOTD + What to wear to my 25th birthday Celebration


Good morning my wonderful readers!! What do you all have planned today? I have to pay a visit to a couple of shoe stores to find my birthday heels! Wish me luck! I should have posted this yesterday but I was tired from work and had no energy to do a post 😦 My sister called me last night and asked me where is the post for Friday? So I said that I would do a post in the morning. Yesterday was casual day at work. I went to work very casual as you can see. I just wanted to be comfortable. Since it is quite early in the morning I don’t have much to talk about today. I just wanted to show you what I wore yesterday and to show you the looks that I put together for my birthday celebration.

Shirt, Jeans, & Vest:XX21/Belt:Walmart/Shoes:Nine West/Necklace:Miami Accessory store/Earrings:Idk/Bracelets:Random/Watch:D

Oh and by the way E.L.F is having a great special right now. If you purchase $25 or more of their products then you will receive 10 $1 items for FREE! Isn’t that amazing? I have already picked out a good amount of stuff and I will be sharing my purchases once I receive them in the mail. 



The first part of my birthday celebration is at an upscale club which means my guests and I will be getting FANCY! A few of my friends needed some ideas on what they should wear, so below are some looks that I have put together for both men and women.

My 25th Birthday Party
My 25th Birthday Party
My 25th Birthday Party 4
My 25th Birthday party 3

Well folks this post was very quick and short. I have a couple of things that I need to get done today. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and thanks for reading.

6 comments on “2 for 1: OOTD + What to wear to my 25th birthday Celebration

  1. Yay another post! I like that outfit sis and im actually not mad at the shoes you make them work well…i mean i wouldnt wear them but you already know that lol

  2. ummmm Ashley u looking kinda thick girl lol….anywho love love love this post…u put together some great stuff…yup im using ur ideas THANKS 🙂

    • Aww Thanks Lorina. That makes me feel wonderful 🙂 And yes girl I AM thick lol ha!

  3. Hey Sassy Woman! You should check out http://www.wearsmyoutfit.com! Its a site that allows you to upload pictures of your clothes, shoes & accessories to your own virtual closet. You can put outfits together, email pictures to friends and keep track of the last tiem you wore something. Enjoy, and have a great b-day!

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