Don’t laugh

Shirt and Shorts-XX21/Wedges:Aldo/Camisole:Random/Bracelet:Miami accessory store/Earrings:Miami accessory store/Ring:XX21/Shades:XX21

I would like to apologize for the lack of posting that I have done this past week. I was sick last weekend and I was trying my hardest to get over that cold. My energy was extremely low which meant I had no desire to post :(. Hopefully this week will run more smoothly and I will be back to posting each day again.

Anyways, my cousin had a birthday party last weekend. He turned 1 years old and it was held at a park. I wore the outfit above↑ to the birthday party!

I’ve had that polka dot striped shirt for a while and never wore it so I was uber excited to wear it last weekend with some shorts and wedges. Since I haven’t really been taking pictures of what I’ve been wearing I decided to show you the items that I received from E.L.F and some cute tops that I bought in NYC/MIA. Enjoy.

Professional Travel Brush Kit/Everyday Eye Edition/Eyeshadow "C" Brush/Brightening Eye color shadow/Red Velvet Nail Polish/Chestnut Matte Eyeshadow

So please don’t laugh at me when I tell you all this but I had no clue about Eyes Lips Face. I always bought my make-up out of Sephora or at a drug store. Every time I have went to Target I never saw the E.L.F area so I had no clue this place existed. I just so happened came across the website last week and when I told one of my friends at work about it she was like “Yea girl, I use a lot of ELF’s makeup” lol. I just couldn’t believe that I have went this long without knowing about the makeup sold at target. I bought this particular eyeshadow pallet because it is for everyday wear. I don’t wear makeup to work but I want to start wearing a little of it but I want it to look natural. Since this pallet was at a good price and had step by step instructions, why not purchase it? I plan to try it out this week. Wish me luck!

Imagine a world in Peace purchased at H&M

Purchased at Necessary Clothing store in NYC

I love this top! Purchased at H&M

Romper was purchased at Love Culture

Well folks, that is about it for me. My allergies are messing with me which has caused my lip to swell up a little bit. I had my heart set on going to church this morning but I don’t feel comfortable going in public until my lips goes down.

Oh and by the way I found my birthday dress yesterday!! Now all I need to do is find some cute heels to go with it as well as a birthday dinner outfit. I turn 25 two weeks from tomorrow and I am so ready for my car insurance to go down and look for health insurance quotes which will grow. ! lol. Thanks for reading and have a blessed Sunday!




3 comments on “Don’t laugh

  1. I love all the clothes! Those shirts fits really cute! I def need that elf stuff! Target has a small endcap dedicated to it, but it gets beTter around Christmas! Let me know how the red velvet polish turns out!

    • Thanks hun! Yes visit ELF’s site for some goodies! I am going to Target later on today and see what they have. I will let you know how the nail polish looks. I may paint my nails today 😉

  2. Great finds!

    E.L.F. is an amazing brand. When I lost my make-up bag last summer I replaced a lot of my brushes with theirs. I haven’t tried any of the eye shadows (because I’m a mac girl) but I may have to look into grabbing a palette or two.

    Hope you feel better soon ❤

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