Stylish looks for those rainy days

A Sassy Woman reader named Ronda asked me if I could find some cute rain gear/outfits that she could wear. I have come up with 4 looks for women and I decided to throw in 1 look for the guys. Sometimes it is hard to try and put together outfits when it rains because you don’t want your clothes to get wet. Even though there are rain boots available to buy, if you are heading to a girls night out or going on a date who wants to wear rain boots?

1. Day time look


2. Day/Night Casual look

3. Day time

Items in this set

4. Date Night

Items in this Set


5. Day time look (Men)

My friend Zigg wearing the actual Gucci Rain boots that I used in the outfit above ⇑

I hope these outfits were helpful. Remember if you ever have a question feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to help. Thanks for reading and have a terrific Thursday! ✌




2 comments on “Stylish looks for those rainy days

  1. I like the outfit with the yellow blazer and the one with the green jacket the other ones….hmmm not so much lol

    but good job!!!

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