HAUTE or NOT: Chad Ochocinco’s beach outfit!

Chad Ochocinco (SMH to his last name) headed to the beach this past weekend to eat breakfast! How nice! This post is definitely for men and women. Men would you wear this outfit? Women would you let your boo or guy friend wear this outfit and be seen with you? I want to know what you all think!

The weather in Florida lately has been extremely nice. I think it only rained one time last week. Speaking of beach…In a couple of hours I will be on a boat ride in Miami Beach with a bunch of my girlfriends. We are all on Spring Break so we are taking advantage of our time off. Oh and just so you all know I have been doing pretty good with my packing! I have only a couple of more things to set aside and then I will be ready to put everything in my suitcase! I can’t believe I’m going out of town tomorrow! Lauren are you ready for me?

Please take some time to vote on whether you like or dislike Ochocinco’s outfit! Have a marvelous Monday and thanks for reading ✌.





3 comments on “HAUTE or NOT: Chad Ochocinco’s beach outfit!

  1. I’d only let an island boyfriend get away with wearing that. I don’t think a guy from any other ethnicity could pull it off.

  2. Ehh…I’m not sure about the pants. I like bright colors but I don’t know about that one. I’ll bet the shoes are Gucci too along with the belt. Cristiano’s influence is rubbing off on him lol.

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