Arts and Crafts Festival

Vest:Thrifted/Shirt:XX21/Jeans:Jolt Jeans/Belt:Came with another pair of pants/Sandals:Old Navy/Necklace: Miami Accessory store/Earrings:Gift from a friend/Bracelet:Random/Ring:Miami Accessory store/Sunnies:XX21/Purse:STEVEN

Today I got the chance to go to the Arts and Crafts Festival in Broward county! It was my first time ever going to something like this and I must say that I did enjoy myself. The weather was nice and breezy! It was a nice crowd of people but not a massive amount of people came out for the event. I think honestly the event could have been promoted a little better. Just like when the state fair comes around and the commercials are shown on television, the same procedures should have taken place when Broward decided to host an event like this!

This vendor sold beaded bracelets…I like them but don’t love them!

When I walked up to this art booth the vendor was sleeping…lol Should have taken a picture of it!

I liked this booth because the vendor had accessories that were reasonably priced and cute at the same time!


Now this is a HOT mess! What is this? No one was at this booth 😦

A close up of the necklace I bought at the accessory store yesterday!

A close up of the earrings I wore today!!


bought this today... Brand name is GELOKA!

I bought two other bracelets but the one above is my favorite!! It’s different for me and I can’t wait to rock it!

So Unique!




Yesterday I ended up buying 3 necklaces, 2 pairs of earrings, 4 headbands, 3 earrings, and 1 bracelet!! I did pretty good! I could have bought more but I had to consider that I am going out of town and that I may find other accessories to wear so I didn’t want to buy too much! Speaking of accessories…remember the post that I did last month where I talked about Do it yourself Accessory Frames? Well my dear friend actually made one and here is how her’s came out!

Kaneesha Spann's Necklace Frame!

So as you can see my Spring break has been going great so far! I’ve went to the accessory store, out to eat with the ladies, attended an arts and crafts festival and later on tonight I am going out on the town with some friends! All in all I’m having a BLAST! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading!



4 comments on “Arts and Crafts Festival

  1. I wouldn’t have known that there is an Arts & Crafts Festival in Broward if I didn’t see this post. I like the silver colored Sun Metal bracelet. πŸ™‚

  2. You outfit is FAB!!! I wish i could have gone the jewlery is really cute AND the heat poster has Dwade in the middle instead of Lebron πŸ™‚

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