My plans for Spring Break

One of the perks of being a teacher is that we get plenty of days off…including a whole week off better known as Spring BREAK!..Key word BREAK! lol Well I have been planning my break out for the last month and a half and I am extremely excited about my plans. Here are the 10 things that I plan on doing during my Spring BREAK!

10. Family Feud- This show is one of my favorite game shows to watch! Especially now that one of my favorite comedians is now the host the show…Steve Harvey! He is hilarious and he makes the show way more entertaining than before! I can’t wait to catch some of the episodes during Spring Break! Here is a clip from one of my favorite episodes!

9. Arts and Crafts Festival- This Saturday and Sunday, March 12th &13th, the City of Pembroke Pines, Fl will be hosting their annual Arts and Crafts Festival!! I am so excited because I’ve never been to one before but I’ve heard so many neat things about it! I plan to purchase some items and materials that I could later use to create different things. I go to Joann’s fabrics and Michaels often but to actually attend an Arts and Crafts Festival is going to be amazing!! I will definitely takes pics and tell you how that goes.

8. Accessory shopping- I haven’t been accessory shopping in a few weeks and since I am going out of town I need some new stuff! I would love to get some new earrings and bracelets!! I haven’t started packing yet so I’m not sure what I need so hopefully I will have time to do that today or tomorrow just so I know what to look for when I get to the store! I love going accessory shopping with my girls because we get to share ideas and just have a great time picking up new items. After accessory shopping we plan on grabbing drinks at Chilis! 🙂 #can’twait!

7. Aizia- This Saturday, March 12th after the Arts and Crafts Festival, I am attending Aizia restaurant and nightclub!! It is a restaurant in the day time and turns into a nightclub at night! I love going to this club because it has a grown and sexy atmosphere! All the men and women are dressed up and we just have a great time! My good friend is getting us all together for this night and it just so happens to fall on the weekend when I start my Spring break. I will try and take pictures and share them with you all.

6. Beach– I do plan on going to the beach. If I don’t end up going to the beach then I will probably just go hang out by the pool. I just want relax, sip on wine and enjoy the nice sunny weather!

5. Washington D.C– I am heading to DC on Tuesday, March 15! My sister lives in the Maryland/DC area so I am going up there to spend time with her. This will probably be my 4th or 5th time visiting the city. When I was in Elementary and Middle school I remember going on school trips to Washington D.C.,Virginia, etc. I had a great time. I have also been with my family before I went with my school. My dad used to go on business trips and my mom, sister and I would tag along. Those were fun times! While I’m in Washington D.C I plan to visit some of the Smithsonian museums that the city has to offer. When I was there last time I went to a science museum which was pretty cool and my sister told me that there are a couple of more smithsonians that I may find interesting. Of course I am going to shop while I’m there because every time I go on vacation I shop! lol My sister goes to work in the day time so I have to find things to occupy my time while she is working.

4. H & M– This is one of my FAV stores! The only problem is that there isn’t a store that is near me. They have recently put one in a mall in West Palm Beach but I live about an hour away and there isn’t any way that I am going to drive an hour for a store lol. There is talk about an H & M store coming to Miami but it’s not here right now so I am going through withdrawal! I always get excited about going up north because I know that there is a store in each state! 🙂 That is on my to do list once I arrive!

3. New York City– Since I am meeting up with my sister in DC we are going to head over to NYC! I am UBER excited about going to NYC during my Spring break!!! It’s been about 3 years since I’ve visited so I am really looking forward to going. I plan to relax and hang out with my sister and her friends in New York. I hope to see one of my friends who lives there as well. I want to go sightseeing, eat at different restaurants, go to a club or two and SHOP! lol I want to go to the African American Wax Museum in Harlem and take pictures while I’m up there also since I’ve never been. Can you believe that? I’ve been to NYC twice and have never been to Harlem. I’ve been to all the other Burough’s except for that one!!

2. Century 21– This particular store carries high end brands at a lower price. From what I hear it’s like a Marshalls or TJ Maxx but this store carries better items! I’ve never been so I will be in for a treat! Hopefully I can find some cute jeans or a top! We’ll see what I walk out of the store with! You never know with me lol.

1. SLEEP– I get enough of sleep on a regular basis but I just want to get as much rest as I can because there won’t be any big breaks from work for a while! I want to just relax and enjoy my break, watch television and not worry about having to wake up at 6 in the morning like I usually do during the week.

Well folks, these are the 10 things that I plan on doing during my Spring break! If you are as blessed as I am to have a Spring break make sure you make it a good one! I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday! Thanks for reading ✌.



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