Yep that’s right! My favorite color is GREEN! I think that the color is beautiful and that it is easy to match different colors up with it! As you all know, I love to take risks when I get dressed and break those matchy-matchy rules. Well this is what I came up with this morning. I’ve been dying to wear this top and I didn’t want to wear black pants/skirt with it so I decided to match it with peasant skirt! I love the mix of the two G’s-Gray and Green!

This skirt is really long and I sometimes step on my dress because of the length. Well, today I surely tripped going up the steps and hurt my left pinky! My pinky finger was so red! It feels better now though just incase you are wondering!

Shirt:Robin K.//Green peasant Skirt:Charlotte Russe//Belt:bought in the Bahamas//Shoes:Mia//Earrings:XX21//Bracelet:accessory store in Miami//Watch:Baby G-shock//Sunnies:XX21

I’m trying to take in all of this lovely weather because next week I will be in Washington D.C and NYC and you all know that it is freezing up there! By the way I plan to start packing for my trip this Wednesday so that I know what I have and what I may need to pick up from the mall/store. Wish me luck!










Ok so 4 more days until Spring Break!! I’m so excited to relax and hang out with my friends and family! On another note, I am so sorry for just publishing this post so late! WordPress was having technical difficulties earlier which prevented me from writing and posting pictures. Hopefully things will run smoothly tomorrow. I hope you all had a magnificent Monday! Thanks for reading ✌.




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