1 thing

I LOVE this song by AMERIE!!! It is definitely one of my TOP favorite songs of all time LOL #DJM! This song just makes me smile and dance! I have on my A line skirt today and I just feeling like twirling around and dancing to this song all day! lol I don’t have any major plans this weekend but I do have things to get done and errands to run!

Shirt and Skirt:H&M/Cardigan:NY&Co./Camisole:Charlotte Russe/Shoes:Steve Madden/Tights:The Limited/Belt:purchased in the Bahamas/Earrings:Borrowed from Sis/Necklace:xx21/Bracelets:Charlotte Russe/Watch:Baby G-Shock

I love wearing tights!!! They are cute and comfortable wear..even if it’s not cold outside HA! I was very proud of myself because I picked out my outfit the night before! That is very NEW for me because usually I get up with not a clue of what I want to wear and end up rushing to work :/. Not this morning! I left my house at 7 and even had time to swing by McDonalds and get some breakfast 🙂 I was very happy about that! I am going to try and stick with that routine because it makes my mornings so much easier. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday night! Thanks for reading ✌.




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