Not your average black and white

Shirt:One Clothing (Marshalls $12.99)/Pants:Charlotte Russe ($7.99)/Cardigan:H&M (old)/Shoes:Nine West/Necklace:Old/Earrings:Borrowed from sister/Watch:D&G

Today’s outfit is very casual. I wanted to wear black and white and add a little bit of color to it so I don’t look so plain! I’ve wanted to wear this black and white t-shirt for the longest so I am glad that I finally wore it today! I can still dress it down by wearing it with some shorts or jeans in the future. I love how it slouches and its kind of low cut so I had to wear a camisole underneath it just incase it drops low. These pleated pants are one of my FAV pants to wear. They are very comfortable!

A touch of BLUE


I have NO clue where I bought this necklace. I know for a fact that it is old but I barely wear it lol that I do know. I wanted to add some color to my outfit this morning so why not include it with my outfit. I think it makes my outfit PoP!!







Double Pockets

I bought the shirt because I liked the way it fit me but this morning when I put it on I realized that it had two pockets on the front which was kinda neat! ♥

I ♡ wedge heels!!


I am not big on wearing heels to work because I am always on my feet but some days I feel in the mood to rock heels. Wedges are the most comfortable heels to walk in because they have so much support so I can actually survive in them all day LOL! I hope you all had a terrific Thursday and are looking forward to the weekend just as much as I am! Thanks for reading. ✌





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