The Swimsuit!

I live in the South Florida area which means that it is hot 8 or 9 months out of the year! Winter time is pretty much over with for Miami because I was just at the beach the other day with a couple of my friends and it was 84 degrees outside, which means Spring time is on its way! I try to get a new swimsuit each year especially if I can’t fit the old ones. I am sure everyone goes through this as well. Yesterday, I received a tweet on twitter from one of my friends asking me if I knew where she could find a cute swimsuit! I ended up telling her to look at Macy’s, Kohls, Target, and Old Navy. After helping her find places I decided to look as well. I have included pictures, prices and brands of the different swimsuits that I found…Check them out! Thanks for reading ✌.



Items in this set

Bantu Printed triangle bikini
Marc by Marc Jacobs twilight blue 'Shined Up' one shoulder belted maillot
Diane von Furstenberg Printed bikini top
Diane von Furstenberg Printed bikini briefs
Quiksilver Womens Bikinis, Swimwear, Bathing Suits, Quiksilver Girls Swimsuits at
Just Cavalli Studded leopard-print bikini briefs
Becca On The Prowl Swimwear Top
Just Cavalli Studded leopard-print triangle bikini top
Poppy Print One Piece Swimsuit
Becca On The Prowl Swimwear Bottom
Grey Frill Bandeau Bikini
Old Navy Womens Plus Halter-Top Ruched Swimsuits

One comment on “The Swimsuit!

  1. Im mad you got 84 degree weather and im stuck here in 30 degree weather I wanna go to the beach too! lol
    Some of these swimsuits are cute though

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