It was fun while it lasted…Look at what I found!!!

Chinese Laundry Heels

Chinese Laundry Mid-High Heels $8

I #failed...Point blank!! I tried my HARDEST to stick with the 30 for 30 challenge but I am too much of a SHOPAHOLIC to do that challenge! Anybody who knows me can testify that I love clothes and shoes and that I have a shopping problem. I would have to honestly say that shoes are definitely my WEAKNESS! I have so many shoes that I forget what I have in my closet lol! Last week I did a blog post about President’s Day sale hotspots and I ended up going to a couple of them that I listed on my poll. Every item that I bought was on sale at AMAZING PRICES might I add!!! Let’s take a look at what I bought this past weekend.

These shoes above/below were a STEAL! I purchased these beautiful black Chinese Laundry heels for only $8 at Ross!! Aren’t they FAB? I’m really excited about them because they are so my style and they aren’t too high which means I can wear them to the club and be comfortable!!! One of my friends always teases me that I wear “baby” heels but I just can’t help it. If I wear really HIGH heels I tend to complain and I can’t enjoy my night!

Chinese Laundry Heels

Chinese Laundry Heels

Dolce Vita Sandals

DV by Dolce Vita Sandals $19.99

These are my black and gold DV by Dolce Vita sandals!! These babies cost me only $19.99!! Another STEAL! They were originally $60 bucks. I bought these at Ross as well. I forget how many good shoes Ross sells and for unbeatable prices!

I’ve been wanting sandals like these for a WHILE now but could never find them for a good price! These can be worn all year around and they seem pretty comfortable which is awesome!

Forever 21 Wine/Pink/Aqua Skirt $13.80

When I saw this skirt I literally GASPED!!!!! The colors and the material of the skirt are beautiful! I could pair this skirt up with any color! I love having options lol. It isn’t quite spring time yet so I probably won’t be rocking it anytime soon but when I do wear it I will be sure to take pics and post them on the blog!


Faux Leather Skirt $11.99

I am going to Washington D.C and New York for my Spring break so of course I am going to need some warm clothing. I plan on going out a couple of times while I’m in the different cities. This skirt fits me great and can’t wait to wear it! I have a shirt in mind that I will be wearing with this skirt plus I have to pick out some fly shoes OUT OF MY CLOSET ::crosses fingers:: and of course accessorize it UP! Can’t wait to see what it looks like lol.


Sequined blouse $12.99




This top was definitely a fabulous find! I found this shirt at Marshalls for $12.99! It is the perfect shirt to pair with some jeans or even a cute skirt! The front is long and the back of the shirt is short! It is pretty sheer so I may need to wear camisole underneath it! I bought it about a month ago but I am so in love with it I just had to share my excitement with you all.





The back of the Sequined blouse



I love the way the shirt is long in the front and then is short in the back! It also has sequin on the back of the blouse as well. So excited about this top!









As you can see I did a great job with my finds! I actually bought another top that I plan on wearing on my vacation but it didn’t look good on the camera! Don’t worry you will see it later maybe when I wear it. I hope you all enjoyed looking at my fabulous finds! Feel free to share with me some nice sale items that you found over the weekend or even within the past month or so! I love hearing good news. Especially a good sale! I hope you all have a FABULOUS Monday! I know I sure am. I am going to relax on my day off and then later take my grandmother shopping ♥.

What items did you pick up this past weekend or recently?





9 comments on “It was fun while it lasted…Look at what I found!!!

  1. Don’t finding great deals make you feel great? Now that I think about it though, maybe I shouldnt have taken us shopping yestereday if it was gonna mess up your 30 day adventure. lol

    • I love finding great deals!!! And girl I already cheated on my 30 for 30 challenge 😦 Plus I couldn’t pass up getting those shoes at unbelievable prices!!!

  2. I LOVE those shoes I hope you got me some too!!!
    Now the rest of them clothes fit in the category I would like to call “For Ashley and not for Lauren” lol
    Can’t wait to see the outfits you put together! 🙂

    • Thanks sis for the compliment! They only had MY size in the Chinese Laundry heels. Idk about the sandals lol GIrl it is just so hard to just wear 30 items SMH!

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