Say NO to Matchy-Matchy!!!

I am NOT a big fan of matching! lol It’s as simple as THAT! Don’t get me wrong matching is nice and pretty but it is pretty much played out! When I was in high school everyone matched…from their t-shirt to their shoes, to their purse to their accessories, that is just the way it went. I went to high school during the time where it was kind of mandatory to wear name brand clothing such as, Baby Phat, Apple Bottom, XOXO, Guess, etc. The proper thing to do was to buy the shirt that matched the pants and then of course try to find shoes that matched the outfit to the T lol. Wow those were the days!! It took me a while to move out of the stage where the shirt had to match the shoes perfectly but I wanted to change my style so I started taking risks, reading magazines, etc. I stopped being matchy-matchy about 4 years now. Don’t get me wrong I do still match when I have to or if I think it needs it but I ♥ mixing different colors of clothing, shoes, and of course accessories!!

My sandals are an oldie but goodie!

30 for 30 item #17Forever 21 screen t-shirt ($13.99)/ 30 for 30 item #7: JOLT Skinny leg jeans (Marshalls $19.99)/ 30 for 30 item #24: Black long sleeve thin sweater (Giti $9.99)/ 30 for 30 item #20: Old Navy brown and gold sandals (hmm around $19.99)/ Earrings: Miami accessory store ($1.99)/Bracelets: random/ Watch: Baby G-Shock/ Sunnies: Forever 21

So I am no stranger to mixing brown and black together! I think they compliment each other very well. I could have easily put some black sandals with this outfit but I wanted the outfit to be different so I matched it with my Old Navy sandals which are mixed with silver and gold! My Fav lol! I hope you enjoyed my post. oh and I’m sorry for always wearing sunglasses in my post but the sun is always so bright and I have sensitive eyes. Thanks for stopping by. ✌





4 comments on “Say NO to Matchy-Matchy!!!

  1. You never match…you act like its illegal but cute outfit sis…cant wait for you to be my stylist!!! but i like to match lol

  2. You look so pretty and I agree with you, I am not the one who freak out about matching all of my outfit, I am so glad to see other people who think the same as me. 🙂

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