A change of plans…

This morning when I woke up I had my mind set on wearing something completely different than what I ended up wearing. Every morning when I wake up I open up my laptop and check the weather and this morning it said that the weather was currently 61 degrees! I had intended on wearing some sandals but if it was going to be chilly then I had to come up with an alternate outfit idea! Well let’s see what I came up with.

30 for 30 item #2: Mango gray high waste pants (Sale $19.99 at Jcpenney)

30 for 30 item #12: Arden B. beige turtle neck with the back cut out (Arden B. $39.99)

30 for 30 item #25: Ann Taylor Loft gray sweater (Sale $19.99)

30 for 30 item #22: Brown Nickels soft heels (Old so I don’t really remember lol)

Tights: Off the 5th Saks $7.99 on sale

Belt: included with the pants

Necklace and earrings: Amuse $11.99

Watch: D&G

Sunnies: Forever 21

I love mixing silver and gold! At first I didn’t know how it would look because I was always used to wearing one or the other at different times. But now I am finding out that it looks really nice together. They compliment each other very well! Gray is such a pretty color to wear as well. It flows really nice with brown, gold and silver as you can see!

Well I hope you enjoyed my post! Let me know what you think about mixing different colors!!! Have a wonderful Monday!!




5 comments on “A change of plans…

  1. My favorite part of the post is when you said 61 degrees is cold…it was 60 here today and i thought it was summer…Cute outfit though i never knew tucked in shirts can look cute still lol

  2. What!!! I need those pants. I am going to the JCP website, right now… oh wait!!! I am not supposed to be shopping… eek!!

    you look fabulous, dahling! gorgeous sweater!

    • lol! I bought those pants a few months back. I had to take them home with me!! Doing this 30×30 is killing me too! I am going through withdrawal since we aren’t allowed to shop at all ugh! Thanks for the compliment! 🙂

  3. Lol…this is so funny because I always tell my friend that I would NEVER mix silver and gold…UNTIL I saw an episode of {I forgot that fashion reality show that came on Oxygen} and dude said “u one of those ppl that don’t mix silver and gold…STOP IT! U being closed minded!!!” Just like that…and ever since then I have tried to mix…I promise I have and it almost NEVER works for me 😦 maybe its the type of accessories I have that makes it look horrid but idk…guess I’ll jeep trying :-/

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