Ruffles and Lace

Today was such a gloomy and long day at work. I had to take the pictures in the morning because it was forecasted to rain throughout the day. I am a huge fan of dress capri pants so get ready to see me wearing those in many of my posts. This challenge is teaching me so far to plan ahead because when I got dressed this morning I already knew what I wanted to put on and it is usually the other way around. My room usually looks like it has been hit by a tornado because I take out so many options of what I would like to wear to work on that particular day. Let’s find out what pieces I used today from my 30 for 30 list as well as accessories.

30 for 30 item #3: NY&Co. black dress capri pants (sale price $14.99)

30 for 30 item #15: Arden B. white ruffled top ($29.99)

30 for 30 item #30: Gray and black laced vest (wetseal -old-)

30 for 30 item #19: Steve Madden black ruffled flats (sale price $19.99 at DSW -I lucked out that day)

Belt: random

Earrings: borrowed from my sister

Necklace: Forever 21 (7.99)

Bracelets: old

Watch: Baby G-shock

The vest that I’m wearing is about 5 years old. I bought it at Wet Seal when I was working there in the summer of 06′ and I’ve kept it ever since. I am big on not giving/throwing away clothes. If I do give away clothing it must mean that it doesn’t fit anymore or I will most likely never wear it again. The same thing goes for shoes. I feel like I may need that piece of clothing for an outfit one day so why give it away just because it is not being worn right now.

I love this ruffled top so much! I’ve had it for a couple of years now and it is still in pretty good shape. This necklace is actually a long necklace but I wanted it to be short so I wrapped it around my neck one more time to get this look, which I love. I could have worn pearls to match the necklace but since my hair was going to be up I decided that I needed some bigger earrings to complete the outfit.

One of the main reasons why I bought the vest was because of the laced back. I feel like it gives the vest a little edge.

My friend India looks fab and ready to work!!!

My first day of the challenge went well. This is going to be a piece of cake. I may have to alter my list again because it is going to be chilly for a couple of days and I don’t really have any long sleeve shirts, tights, turtle neck sweaters, etc. on my list. We’ll see. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Friday night.




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