30 for 30: Let’s see if I can hang!

I have been reading different blogs and I have decided to give in and do the 30 for 30 challenge!! I already know many of you all are probably thinking what in the world is the 30 for 30 challenge. The way the challenge works is that you are able to choose 30 items that you of course already own, which include: blouses, jeans, pants, shoes, skirts, sweaters, etc. Accessories and jewelry do not count which is great else I would NOT be participating. You are only to wear these items for 30 days and you are to mix up the clothing with different pieces that you chose or with accessories which is fun! Now here is the kicker…since you have picked out 30 items that you plan to wear for the 30 days you can NOT….I REPEAT..Can NOT Shop 😦 . I have already given myself a pep talk and we are on the same page because it’s sad to say but I’m a SHOPAHOLIC! So this will give me a little break from shopping for a while. The majority of my clothing is work clothes because I am at work 5 days a week so that is mainly what you will see me in. I think that this will be a wonderful and fun challenge for me. Below is a list and pictures of some of my 30 pieces.


1. Charlotte Russe pleated black skinny leg capri pants

2. Mango gray high waste pants

3. NY&Co. black dress capri pants

4. Mossimo brown pants

5. Charlotte Russe skinny leg pants

6. Charlotte Russe pleated gray skinny leg capri pants


7. JOLT Skinny leg jeans

8. Charlotte Russe ripped jeans

9. STS blue skinny leg jeans


10. Ann Taylor purple, blue, black, cowl neck blouse

11. NYC Purple and white button down dress shirt

12. Peach button down top Arden B. beige turtle neck with the back cut out

13. Black and white casual top

14. Black ruffled top

15. Arden B. white ruffled top

16. Elle blue and black top

17. Forever 21 screen t-shirt


18. Zara black flats

19. Steve Madden black ruffled flats

20. Old Navy brown and gold sandals

21. Brown buckled boots

22. Brown Nickels soft heels


23. Black thrifted dress


24. Black long sleeve thin sweater

25. Ann Taylor Loft gray sweater

26. NY&Co. black sweater

27. H&M purple sweater

28. Green sweater

29. Black blazer

30. Lord and Taylor beige sweater replaced with a gray and black laced vest

I picked my 30 items but I did add some my own extra rules to this challenge…

1. If I am going out on the town I am allowed to choose an outfit out of my closet that does not have to be listed on my 30 items list. Women change their minds constantly when it comes to what they want to wear in general especially when we are going out.

2. If I see that something is not working for me I am allowed to take 2 items from my list and replace it with another 2 items so that my outfits will flow.

3. Since I am a teacher I may not be able to post every single outfit that I put together so please understand.

I will not start the challenge until Friday. I would like a day to get creative with some of the items that I chose. The next 4 weeks I will basically wear the items of clothing that I chose! Wish me luck because this is going to be tough! Are you interested in participating in the 30 for 30 challenge?? Do you think you have what it takes?? I want to hear what you all think about this challenge. Thanks for reading!!




10 comments on “30 for 30: Let’s see if I can hang!

    • LOL!! I may have to make some more adjustments because it is supposed to get a little chilly and I can’t wear sandals in the cold.

    • lol! Nudy you shouldnt just give up on me THAT quick. I think I will be able to do it. Pray for me

      • You need more than prayer….you need a couple extra pairs of jeans and some more heels 🙂

  1. Personally I’ve done this a few times (because i didnt have a choice lol). NBut for you this could be a fun adventure. Go for it…You can do it Ash!

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